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Tim Hackett

Born in 2001, abstract artist Tim Hackett started painting at the age of four prompted by the sights and sounds of his father, Peter Hackett's art studio practice.

Tim's abstract paintings were recognised as potential for his first exhibition where 12 works of art were exhibited in his first solo exhibition. This first exhibition was a sell-out and his journey as an emerging artist began. 

His work is characterised by bold application of colour, exploration of various shapes, textures and the occasional hand print or paint brush adhered to the surface as part of the narrative of the work of art.

Tim Hackett
Current Paintings

Red Peace - Tim Hackett 160 x 160cm $4,5

Red Peace

Acrylic on Canvas

Size - 1600 mm wide by 1600 mm high

Status: SOLD


Colour by Numbers IV

Mixed Media on Canvas

Size - 1700mm wide x 1200mm high


Status: SOLD


Tim & Friends

At his previous exhibition opening


Painting by Numbers III

Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 1700 mm wide by 1200 mm high

Price: $3.600

Status: Available

Tim Hackett resize018.JPG

Tim Hackett and his Proud Parents

At one of his previous exhibition openings


Colour by Numbers II

Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 1700 mm wide by 1200 mm high

Status: SOLD


Colour by Numbers I

Mixed Media on Canvas

1700 mm wide by 1200 mm high

Price: $3600

Status: Available


Tim Hackett and Fans

At the opening of a previous exhibition


Tim and Friend

At a recent exhibition opening

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