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Oliver Curnow

Oliver skillfully navigates the interplay of light and shade, reveling in the art of juxtaposition and contrast. This dynamic is evident not only in his motif selection, it can also be seen in his adept use of two and three-dimensional aspects. His approach is nuanced, balancing a naive charm in certain elements with the precision of hyperrealism in others.


Each of Oliver's pieces is a labour of love, requiring months of dedication to meticulously layer multiple transparencies and achieve a truly distinctive aesthetic.

"I prefer to work in oils. The medium allows for incredible depth, and I love how it can glow and shine differently with the changing light of the day," he remarks.


Oliver's art emphasizes the allure of imperfections—broken glass, chipped paint, and discarded objects become focal points, intentionally highlighted for their unique beauty. "Everyday life's overlooked details can be remarkably beautiful, especially when illuminated just right."


Adding a touch of mystery, Oliver paints scenes with doors left open, shadows in windows, or subtle figure 8s in clouds. "I want my art to spark people's imagination," he notes, inviting viewers to find their narratives within his creations.


His works provide a subtle commentary on the urban decay of our world, juxtaposing the glossy debris of aimless consumption against older structures in need of continual upkeep and love.


Having spent considerable time painting with and studying under the late Tim Wilson, Oliver seamlessly incorporates learned techniques into his art, evident in his sky work and masterful color blending. Each piece is not just visually captivating but also an exploration of the complex nuances within our ever-changing world.

Oliver Curnow
Available Paintings

Oliver Curnow 3.jpg

“Forbes x Burton“

Size: 455 mm wide by 455 mm high

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Status: SOLD

Oliver Curnow 1.jpg

“Urban Wasteland I”

Size: 1015 mm wide by 760mm high

Medium:  Oil on Berge Linen

Price: $6900

Status: Available

Oliver Curnow 2.jpg

“Urban Wasteland II”
Size: 1015 mm wide by 760 mm high
Medium: Oil on Berge Linen

Price: $6900

Status: Available

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