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Mark Olsen

Treasured by first time buyers and collectors alike, Mark paints expressive oil portraits of quirky characters, with textures and contours that compel you to reach out for the surface.
Mark infuses his subjects with inner light so their personality shines from the canvas, inviting the viewer into the characters’ imaginary world. Mark was a finalist in the 2004/2006/2008 biannual New Zealand Portrait Gallery Awards and the 2003 Wallace Art Awards.
He was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London in February 2004 and his works hang in many private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the US.
Artist Statement:
Like you, I love the marvel that is art. I am often asked where I get my ideas from, but I experience it the other way around: the ideas get me. The art of creating a character on canvas is a journey of discovery each time. I never know exactly who the personality will be until we meet at the end. The work is finished when the painting looks back at me.
This past year has been full of new realisation. I have discovered that unrelated things become more interesting when fused together. That it is easier to see when you are not looking. Painting with the canvas upside down or looking through a mirror provides a new perspective. Shutting my eyes allows me to see more.
Creating art is not about finding freedom, it is about finding obstacles. By putting aside doubt and doing what I cannot yet do, I learn how to do it. When things seem under control I realise I am not pushing myself enough. By continuing to follow my bliss I have discovered the images you see. I am humbled by my success to date and the demand for my work.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Young Pete

Medium: Oil on canvas


Size: 120cm wide by 80cm high


Price: $7,500

Status: Available


Mission Bay

Oil on Canvas

Status: SOLD


Victoria Bongbong

Medium: Oil on canvas


Size: 40cm wide by 60cm high

Status: SOLD

Victoria Bongbong - 40cm x 60 cm Oil on canvas $3200.jpg


Medium: Oil on canvas


Size: 80cm wide x 150cm high


Price: $9,500

Status: Available

Geoffrey by Mark Olsen 150 x 80 cm.jpg
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