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Meet The Artists We Represent

The featured artists whose amazingly creative works of art are sold by ArtSelect Gallery are shown in our gallery in the form of solo exhibitions with additional works and commissions available on request.

Our special relationship with these artists enables us to offer pieces from their solo exhibitions exclusively to interested buyers.

Get to know some of our valued artistic partners below and get in touch if something catches your eye or if you have a specific painting that you are looking for. We may be able to find something special if it's not currently advertised on the web site.

Better still, come in and visit us to see these amazing works of art in person because nothing can compare with the sight, texture and complexity of the work when viewed in the "flesh"!

Alicja-Gear-Photo resize.jpg

Alicja Gear

Oil on Linen

Alicja responds to a sense of atmosphere and play of light across the landscape with her expressive oil paintings.


Capturing those moments of delight at the way the light dances across the landscape.

The combination of the large gestural marks and bold use of colour leads you on a journey into the landscape whilst still exploring the nature of the medium. Handling the paint, the selection and laying it on, a cumulation of single marks which coalesce into a whole.

Alicja has studied drawing and painting informally in London and New Zealand.​

Amanda Brook Artist Image II cropped.jpg
Rangitoto delight 152 x 52 $4950.jpg

Amber Brook

Mixed Media and Oils on Canvas or Board

"I have grown up loving all aspects of art and have always especially loved painting. I love my art to tell a story and in a lot of my work reflect memories and things I have grown up with.

I have always been drawn to vibrant color palette in my work and especially love incorporating reds and turquoise. I also love to bring nature and bird life into my pictures. I love every painting to be special and unique.

I have been painting professionally for the past twenty years entering many exhibitions and doing commission work, selling both nationally and internationally.

I love that I have been able to follow in my mums footsteps and learn from her allowing me to teach art to both children and adults . The greatest gift is being able to share and help others learn through art.

I will continue learning and always strive to come up with new and exciting concepts"


Anita May Blanchette

Oils on Belgian Linen

Primarily my art- making has been influenced by following a thread that is instinctive. My attention is captivated by a visual, whether imagined or real which is accompanied by an alert sense of knowing that I am being shown something. In that moment time seems to stand still.


I become the observer, watching myself observe what I am being shown. The experience of wonder and awe in seeing such a visual often mesmerises me. I am then simply compelled to paint it.


Painting is my way of revering creation itself. The way light transforms everything, from the object, to the paint as well as myself in the process. It’s a mystical practice for me in how the external world can pre-empt an internal journey and vice versa in an ongoing evolutionary cycle. It is this creative process that inspires me, and I am so grateful for it. The more I paint the more I see and evolve as a person and as an artist.

Anita’s paintings are masterful works of realism created by applying numerous layers of transparent glazes in oil. This creates a fine finish that at first glance appears almost photographic. Originally trained as a photographer and filmmaker, photography is an integral part of her process.

The transparency of these thin layers of oil paint allows for light to illuminate the works revealing a depth of color and luminosity that makes the work appear to be three- dimensional. The overall effect is a mesmerizing and somewhat other-worldly realism. The simplicity of composition combined with great skill and attention to detail speaks of this artist’s appreciation of beauty, light and shadow, stillness and reflection. 


Anita was featured in the book ‘ Spirit - Conversations with Creative Women’ by Janine Wilkinson and Ann Orman published 2021.  

Her painting ‘The Crayfish’ featured on Seven Sharp TVNZ News story July 15 2022

Bee D P Artist November 2021.jpg
Drifting Through At Dusk 1000 x 1000 $3950.jpg

Bee Doughty Pratt

Oils on canvas

Bee Doughty Pratt is recognized for her evocative and atmospheric semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes which include imaginary vistas from the Bay of Islands to the Milford Sounds.


Bee paints in oils and accepts commissions for larger works via ArtSelect Gallery - often working on several paintings at once, layering oils, inks and other media, rolling, brushing, scraping or dribbling for a number of weeks until each one is complete.

Bee says "Water in some form or other features in virtually every canvas I paint, often created by using different media with my oils in very fluid ways. I like it when this watery spontaneity overtakes my paintings with unintended outcomes. Lately swathes of mist seem to be predominating. Not sure why but details, structures, horizons - even whole paintings now seem to be disappearing into the mysterious mists of time.”  

“Colour is also key for me . . . I love colour and try to use colour to capture atmosphere or evoke feelings rather than portray actual detail. Limiting my palette on a painting by painting basis, I feel, helps with this. Sometimes I happily binge on a particular colour for weeks at a time. Occasionally more vibrant colours lead my paintings into less inhibited abstraction.

Brent Redding Artist Image.jpg
Mahurangi Vista 83.5cm x 122 cm.jpg

Brent Redding

Acrylic on Canvas

Brent Redding is a self-taught painter, working in oils, acrylics and pastel, with considerable variation in style, believing that the subject itself dictates a lot about the direction a painting takes.  However, this fluidity of style also results from fairly constant exploration. 


He has always looked for pattern/design in his figurative work, and this has manifested as a series of recurring motifs (mannequins/apples/clocks/planes etc) appearing in designs circular/symmetrical/repeating.  To date the resulting work has variously shown influences of surrealism, futurism, pop art and other genres.  More recently this pattern fascination has invaded previously realistic landscape and seascape styles to create a disrupted reality.


Brent first exhibited in 1985 and has had solo exhibitions in various cities around New Zealand and Australia.  He has worked as a graphic artist and muralist, and teaches painting part-time. 


He has received a few awards including winner of the Norsewear Painting Award in 1994.  In 2004 his painting, “Red, White and Blues” raised $26,000 for Cranford Hospice at the annual charity auction, a record for that event at that time.


Dr Seuss

Secret Art & Illustration Art

His artistic vision emerged as the golden thread that linked every facet of his varied career, and his artwork became the platform from which he delivered forty-four children’s books, more than 400 World War II political cartoons, hundreds of advertisements, and countless editorials filled with wonderfully inventive animals, characters, and humor.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, began his career as a little-known editorial cartoonist in the 1920s.  His intriguing perspective and fresh concepts ignited his career, and his work evolved quickly to deft illustrations, modeled sculpture, and sophisticated oil paintings of elaborate imagination.  His artistic vision emerged as the golden thread that linked every facet of his varied career, and his artwork became the platform from which he delivered forty-four children’s books, more than 400 World War II political cartoons, hundreds of advertisements, and countless editorials filled with wonderfully inventive animals, characters, and humor.

Geisel single-handedly forged a new genre of art that falls somewhere between the surrealist movement of the early 20th century and the inspired nonsense of a child’s classroom doodles.  The Art of Dr. Seuss project offers a rare glimpse into the artistic life of this celebrated American icon and chronicles almost seven decades of work that, in every respect is uniquely, stylistically, and endearingly Seussian.

Available limited edition works of art can be viewed at this page before contacting us for local pricing:

Please contact us by clicking in the button below for NZD pricing including shipping, duties and gst.

Gerard McCabe.jpg

Gerard McCabe

Bronze Sculptures

Gerard McCabe is a self taught artist, working in the sculptural medium, predominantly bronze cast by the ‘lost wax’ (cire perdue) method. This is a multi stage process, beginning with modelling from sketches, to moulds for casting, finishing and fettling work on the cast bronze, and culminating in ‘patination’ (colouring) of the finished piece.

All stages including the casting (foundry work), are carried out by the artist himself. The subjects include realist life interpretations of the human form, animal studies, and forms inspired by landscape.

Gerard has work in collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, America, and England, and has been represented in many group shows. He has also undertaken many private commissions, (some listed below) and is particularly well represented in the field of ‘equestrian’ sculpture. Many of the major racing trophies in this country and Australia, have been sculpted by Gerard . He has been commissioned to make the annual ‘Horse of the Year Awards’ for the last six years.

Jane de France  - Artist Photo.JPG

Jane de France

Acrylic on Canvas

Jane de France's talent was born from a strong artistic family environment. As a child she was inspired by her grandfathers paintings and her mother's drawings. She has fond memories of sketching horses with her mother from a very young age.

Today Janes inspiration and encouragement comes from many sources including her husband, a singer songwriter.


Jane is a member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and exhibits with exclusive New Zealand Galleries.

She is fortunate that her artwork has attracted a very positive response, sought after to appear on renowned international programme  "Colour In Your Life" by Graeme Stevenson and achieving sales both nationally and internationally.

Sun in the Gallery_edited.jpg

Jia Rui Sun


I know that my English is limited, but art knows no boundaries. Her language is universal and can be understood by anyone who loves beauty.


For an artist, one's own paintings can be hung on the walls of other people's homes, so that more people can appreciate them, and it is more important than money.

I'm currently painting a group of paintings with the theme "Old Houses in Oakland". Modern urban monsters are expanding, and old houses in the old part of the city quickly disappear. These old houses and the people who have lived in them are an important part of New Zealand's history and culture, and represent some of the beautiful things in the golden years of the past.

I added some characters to the painting, such as the grandmother who takes care of my grandchildren, the coffee-drinking girlfriends, the well-dressed women, the girls in flip-flops, the morning walkers on bicycles, and even the pet dogs of my friends.


These are the lives of New Zealanders, quiet, comfortable and casual. All because of the expansion of the city swallowing the old blocks with deep history, I intend to use my own paintings to leave these beautiful and precious memories before they disappear, and at the same time express the protest against the culture's bowing to commercialization.

Bike Repair Shop - Oil on Canvas - 1200 by 900 - $5580 resized.jpg

J K Reed

Original Oil in Canvas and Watercolour Paintings

JK Reed is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading landscape water-colourist, with works sold through-out Australasia and the United States of America.

In 1996 Keith Reed was sponsored by Fisher’s Fine Arts of Christchurch to undertake a painting and study trip to England, France and Venice. As a result his paintings now show a variety of influences from well known tourist locations that include fishing villages ,city scenes and cafe’s , Venice waterways and local New Zealand landscape .
Born in England and emigrating to Dunedin in 1954, Keith Reed attended school at Otago Boys’ High. When only sixteen he held his first exhibition in which three-quarters of the works displayed were sold.

He moved to Christchurch in the early 1960s to attend the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, attaining his Diploma of Fine Arts in 1968. During this time he held many exhibitions through-out the South Island.

In 1969 Keith Reed started teaching, and after a year’s leave of absence in 1974 to visit galleries overseas, returned to develop a successful career as an artist.
His calendar series, depicting street scenes around the world are held by such notable persons as President Bill Clinton, NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark, Jenny Shipley and are displayed in numerous galleries in New Zealand and overseas.The abstract works developed from Art School influence and a keen interest in figurative and Cubistic painting. The medium of oil paint was a contrast to watercolour during those early years.

Judy Curnow Artist in Studio II.JPG
Soft Sunlight.png

Judy Curnow

Original Oil on Linen

Judy is predominantly a self-taught painter and started formal lessons with oil paint when she was just 12 years old.


Meeting Tim Wilson, one of New Zealand's most acclaimed landscape artists in 2009 changed her life. After viewing Judy's work Tim offered to mentor her and take her work to another level.

The amazing years spent with Tim enabled Judy's paintings to get to the level where they featured in his own exclusive gallery in Queenstown. As the value of Judy's paintings increased, so has her global profile and her work has become highly sought after in New Zealand and abroad.

Judy's style is impressionism, bordering fauvism, enhancing the colours and tones of the natural world. Painting mainly landscapes Judy finds this genre invigorating and reaches into the core of her imagination as an artist. She is fascinated with light and its constantly changing effects.


Painting full time from her studio in Akaroa, Judy draws inspiration from her surroundings. In her studio, Judy translates these observations from her life and selects her subjects with an eye attuned to their shape, colour, pattern and texture. She instinctively places these into balanced arrangements that reveal her renowned ability as a colourist and her confident eye for design.

Within her detailed paintings Judy wishes her work to give the viewer a sense of happiness and wellbeing, beauty and abundance as our world needs so much more of that.

One could say that her paintings are expressions of visual pleasure; the pleasure she has experienced in making the work and the pleasure it gives the viewer.

Job Klein at Work.jpg
The part of you that’s always true 90.5

Job Klijn

Mixed Media on Canvas or Board

Job Klijn’s paintings are emotional and atmospheric, smouldering even, with an underlying sense of danger and darkness, while remarkably retaining a sense of light or shelter – a calm region for his figures and the viewer to inhabit.

“I sketch endlessly from collected images that show poses I like to achieve, often mathematically re calculating the proportions of limbs and bodies to marry them together in one final sketch”.
Not all of the ‘moodscapes’ include a human form but most do. Job’s figures exude purposefulness, not seeming overwhelmed in their surrounds. They are clean cut, well dressed, stylish even, clearly comfortable and in control in their environs.
Materials from another past with a promising future!

Julie Kwen Image cropped.png
Colourful Peonie.jpg

Julie Kwen

Oil in Canvas

Artist Statement:

My name is Julie Kwen, born in South Korea.  I moved to New Zealand in 1999.​

I have always been passionate about art when I was a child and enjoyed art as a hobby. My dream was always to become an artist and wanted to work in the art industry.

Ever since I came in to New Zealand, I've never lost my passion for art and kept wanting to draw and paint.  

 Painting was something new to me ever since I came to New Zealand and it was very different from drawing. I kept on painting until I found my ability to paint. I love drawing realistic paintings as it develops different emotions in  every new painting I do.


 I want to be an artist, where people can admire my paintings and I want to be acknowledged and recognised for what I do. I want to be able provide people with joy and a sense of healing through my paintings I create.


I am beyond excited and thankful for giving me this opportunity to share my paintings on this platform at ArtSelect Gallery.

Kate Opening030 hdr.JPG

Kate Beatty

Oil on Board

Kate has worked with the subject matter of NZ birds and flora since her studies back at the School of Fine Arts. She graduated in 2014 with a major in painting.

Kate has explored this subject matter and it has evolved to this 2019-2020 collection. Kate describes her works as painted portraits of NZ birds within a wallpaper-esque background. These portraits are a depicted interpretation of the individual birds’ personality and characteristics.


Colour harmony and colour saturation is a great interest of Kates and she uses this in the way to exaggerate certain physical characteristics of the birds. She also plays with the colour harmony between the depicted bird and wallpaper-esque backdrop which unifies the work and creates an inviting aesthetic.

The flora patterning effect is layered in a way that Kate pushes some of the pattern into the background by painting over the image; some is painted into the mid-ground and then painted in more detail bringing it into the fore-ground. This gives a visual push pull effect which creates a complimentary yet uncanny environment in which the NZ bird/birds are posed.

Kevin Dunkley at Work.jpg
Walk Back to Happiness 90 x 70cm H $4,200.jpg

Kevin Dunkley

Acrylic on Canvas

Kevin’s retro subconscious trips back to his childhood, via his landscape paintings have taken on a fluency that reflects the accumulative years of dedication to paint.
Despite sell out exhibitions, Kevin remains grounded “I started out not having a clue what to do or how to do it, but by experimenting I have found a style I enjoy and I have become part of my paintings.”
Still non-specific; they are evocations of a mood rather than true recordings. Reminded of a place (or time) viewers often feel a very strong and personal connection to specific paintings.
Lost in Paradise, when he summers were hotter and the holidays were longer!

Mark Olsen Artist.jpg

Mark Olsen

Oil on Canvas

Treasured by first time buyers and collectors alike, Mark paints expressive oil portraits of quirky characters, with textures and contours that compel you to reach out for the surface.
Mark infuses his subjects with inner light so their personality shines from the canvas, inviting the viewer into the characters’ imaginary world. Mark was a finalist in the 2004/2006/2008 biannual New Zealand Portrait Gallery Awards and the 2003 Wallace Art Awards.
He was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London in February 2004 and his works hang in many private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the US.
Artist Statement:
Like you, I love the marvel that is art. I am often asked where I get my ideas from, but I experience it the other way around: the ideas get me. The art of creating a character on canvas is a journey of discovery each time. I never know exactly who the personality will be until we meet at the end. The work is finished when the painting looks back at me.
This past year has been full of new realisation. I have discovered that unrelated things become more interesting when fused together. That it is easier to see when you are not looking. Painting with the canvas upside down or looking through a mirror provides a new perspective. Shutting my eyes allows me to see more.
Creating art is not about finding freedom, it is about finding obstacles. By putting aside doubt and doing what I cannot yet do, I learn how to do it. When things seem under control I realise I am not pushing myself enough. By continuing to follow my bliss I have discovered the images you see. I am humbled by my success to date and the demand for my work.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Maico portrait.jpg
Contemplation 5, 180 x 160 x 6cm.jpg

Maico Camilo

Mixed Media on Canvas

We’re excited to introduce Maico Camilo to ArtSelect Gallery’s audience with the opening of his solo exhibition on 26 July.

Brazil-born Maico left his home country to pursue education at an early age. In 2005, he arrived in here in New Zealand where met his partner and now husband Lyndon Bray. Due to Lyndon’s work, Maico spent that last nearly 10 years travelling extensively throughout Europe, South Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania, and is now finally back living in New Zealand.


Maico has set about exploring his own journey through his art, challenging his own paradigms and reason for being, while not being afraid to explore different vocabularies and communication forms through his work. As a result, he is challenging us all to confront the obvious, in terms of what is going on around us.


The artist’s works are found in collections around the world including in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, England, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Italy, USA, Hong Kong and Japan. An invitation to exhibit in New York is one of his most recent achievements.

SNOWDEN Bio Image.jpg
Mt Cook.jpg

Matthew Snowden

Impasto Acrylic on Canvas Framed

Born in Heswall, Merseyside in 1969, Matthew has been a full time professional artist for over 25 years.

He studied at Withens Lane Art College in 1989 followed by Industrial Design (BA Hons) at Teesside University, 1990 to 1993.


His bold paintings executed exclusively with a palette knife in impasto acrylic have attracted a wide following amongst art collectors around the world.


Melody Brook

Oil on Board or Canvas

Upon leaving school I became a commercial artist working in the creative department of an advertising agency in Parnell. Following this, some freelance work evolved before I took up silk screen printing in my husband’s business. Nine years later and a great deal of experience in a highly demanding profession, motherhood came along and Amber, my daughter, became my priority.
Working from home on my art and assisting at the local primary schools, I designed and constructed sets for a number of theatrical productions. Backdrops and book illustrations became the norm for a number of years along with my passion for tennis which I played to a competitive level.
Along the way I have won awards and been successful with my entries to the Easter Show and submitted a number of works to exhibitions. I have had a number of commissions and have sold to collectors overseas and locally.
Having my own studio at my home has enabled my to further my artistic career and to share my passion with many art students..

Niels in Studio resize.jpg
Birdwatcher_1_104x73cm (1).jpg

Niels Meyer-Westfeld

Coloured pencil on archival paper

Artist Niels Meyer-Westfeld moved to New Zealand from Germany, where he had a career as a graphic artist and part time landscape artist. But once he met our birds, he couldn’t stop drawing them, which lead to an exhibition and a related book.


“Drawing birds takes patience. To really get a sense of their behaviour you can’t just draw from a photograph, you have to spend time watching.”


“My father is a passionate lepidopterist and botanist and growing up in Germany, I was lucky enough to accompany him on trips around Europe while he pursued his interest,” says Niels. “His love of nature inspired me artistically and I’ve always drawn the flora and the fauna that surrounds me.”


His creative career has been a rich one. Trained in communication design in London he went on to work with global brands like The Bodyshop, MTV, Hilton Hotels and Dr Martens!


Then he fell in love with kiwi fashion designer Deborah Sweeney which brought him to the rich natural environment of New Zealand.


All original artwork is available as a limited edition fine art archival giclee print.

Patterson Parkin Artist Page Image final.png
Maestoso Music.jpg

Patterson Parkin

Acrylic in Canvas

At the intersection of music and visual art, an alchemy takes place between the two practices.


Both inspiring and influencing each other’s forms, shapes, with colours, textures and notes resonating in contrast and harmony.


It is impossible to believe that the two, either consciously or unconsciously do not form a symbiotic relationship.


Patterson reduces figures and musicality into arithmetical diagrams, breaking up and re-assembling them into abstracted and unexpected formations.


At the same time, he maintains a figure recognisable amongst the new order, although viewed from a new aesthetic. All the while miraculously combines balance and movement with a glorious range of colour.


“I’ve been painting full-time for 28 years now so no, I can’t stop, I’m too old to give it up now.”

Paul Vincent with Ngaire.jpg
Multitasker for invitation.jpg

Paul Vincent

Mixed Media on Canvas

Artist Statement

Paul Vincent has blah blah blah, many refer to him as blah blah blah blah. He enjoys blah and blah. “Painting for me is blah blah blah blah”. He studied blah blah blah at the blah blah blah centre. Since then blah blah blah blah he has work at blah blah  and blah…

Paul Vincent's works of art has have been collected by prominent art collectors around the world including Andy Serkis (Golem), Murray Ball etc. Many refer to him as the King of Quirk. He enjoys the spontaneity and randomness of everyday life. "Painting for me is the cat's tail flicking around the corner"

Philip Beadle2021.jpg
Auckland from Bastion Point_edited.jpg

Philip Beadle

Oil on Canvas

Artist Statement

“Capturing the light striking a range of subject matter has always interested me whether it is the landscape, nude or cityscapes.


I'm interested in our emotional response to the often fleeting memories we retain of something we have seen and how it affected us. It could be a glare on water or a pose we see for a millisecond as someone moves in every day life to touch their hair or dry themselves after a swim.


I'm also concerned with creating an exciting painting surface with abstract qualities and enjoy painting in warm low evening or winter light to resolve form, colour and light into a warm companion on canvas.”

Philip works in oil, water-colour, dry-point and monotype. His immediate environment is Christchurch, where he lives, with its cityscapes, the Canterbury plains, the Southern Alps and Banks Peninsula - all sources of subject matter and inspiration.


Philip regularly travels and paints around New Zealand and has had several trips overseas gathering material from which he has painted.

Rachael at Work.jpg
P637 crocus and birches66.5 x 72.5 wf.JPG

Rachael Errington

Mixed Media on Canvas

Rachael grew up in the middle of an English wood where she, with her brother, spent most of their time building dens and treehouses.
This beginning has undoubtedly cemented Rachael’s enduring fascination with trees.
Although Rachael’s BA (Hons) is in Illustration, her studies included photography, textiles and printmaking; all of which have informed the way she paints now. After various creative endeavours and travels, including a research trip to Asia to study the influence culture has on art; Rachael relocated to New Zealand and is now absorbed in the diversity that this landscape presents.

“I’m endlessly fascinated with using different techniques to recreate colours. I love being able to squash colour across a surface”.
Rachael constantly draws inspiration while walking and hiking.
“My work is emotive – It is all I ever want to do. “

Ruth Phipps 2023 Artist Portrait.jpg
Awaiting Visitations.jpg

Ruth Phipps

Oil on Linen or Canvas

My work draws on the nature of fabric that is evocative and intensely personal in its ability to suggest human presence or absence. It explores different aspects of fragility, memory, and the transience of time. Heightened shadow and strong shafts of light illuminate detail and imbue a quiet suggestion of human presence, the stillness of the moment and the lingering trace of a treasured memory.

Shona Lyon IV.jpg

Shona Lyon

Mixed media on canvas

Shona Lyon specialises in figurative and portrait sculpture. Bronze is her primary medium, though she is also adept in various other media. Lyon’s sculptures are based on the principles of sacred geometry and classical sculptural techniques.


For Lyon, fine art was a calling later in life, following a successful career in business she had a yearning for change and to explore her creative side. Sculpture was her medium of choice which she embraced fully.


She set out to find a mentor, to learn the craft of classical sculpture. This mentor came in the form of international sculptor, Martine Vaugel, (a Master Sculptor and two-time Rodin award winner) based in Loire Valley, France. She entered the private tutelage under Martine, this guiding foundational practice was key to developing her own style and processes.

Solyi Kim Image.jpg
Bruce Springsteen.jpg

Solyi Kim

Pencil on Paper 

Solyi Kim produces intricately detailed original pencil drawings across a range of subjects and his works of art needs to be seen in person to appreciate the skill executed in achieving these highly detailed drawings.

Born and trained in Seoul, Korea, Solyi has been practicing his pursuit of perfection for  many years in New Zealand and his drawings are collected by local and international buyers.

Colour by numbers 1.jpg

Tim Hackett

Acrylic on Canvas

Born in 2001, abstract artist Tim Hackett started painting at the age of four prompted by the sights and sounds of his father, Peter Hackett's art studio practice.


Tim's abstract paintings were recognised as potential for his first exhibition where 12 works of art were exhibited in his first solo exhibition. This first exhibition was a sell-out and his journey as an emerging artist began. 

His work is characterised by bold application of colour, exploration of various shapes, textures and the occasional hand print or paint brush adhered to the surface as part of the narrative of the work of art.

Viv McKenna Artist Photo.jpg
Viv McKenna Snapper.jpg

Vivienne McKenna

Ink on Paper

Vivian McKenna is an artist based in lower North Island and a member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. 

She has participated in a number of exhibitions over the years, including the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and her work has been added to private collections around the country.

We are pleased to introduce Vivian's amazingly detailed works of art to the ArtSelect Gallery audience and invite requests for commissions for Vivian's unique depiction of New Zealand fauna and flora with its associated characteristics.

Artist Statement:

"There is something magical about putting pen to paper.  The way ideas can be shared through this medium.  Be it in words or, as in my case, images.  I love to draw and have done so for as long as I can remember.  In this series of works I attempt to connect with the viewer.  To share my love of the natural world and my desire to embrace and protect the life that makes our little piece of the world so special.  It would be a dark place without it!"

Vivian McKenna

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