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Anita May Blanchett

Primarily my art- making has been influenced by following a thread that is instinctive. My attention is captivated by a visual, whether imagined or real which is accompanied by an alert sense of knowing that I am being shown something. In that moment time seems to stand still.


I become the observer, watching myself observe what I am being shown. The experience of wonder and awe in seeing such a visual often mesmerises me. I am then simply compelled to paint it.


Painting is my way of revering creation itself. The way light transforms everything, from the object, to the paint as well as myself in the process. It’s a mystical practice for me in how the external world can pre-empt an internal journey and vice versa in an ongoing evolutionary cycle. It is this creative process that inspires me, and I am so grateful for it. The more I paint the more I see and evolve as a person and as an artist.

Anita’s paintings are masterful works of realism created by applying numerous layers of transparent glazes in oil. This creates a fine finish that at first glance appears almost photographic. Originally trained as a photographer and filmmaker, photography is an integral part of her process.

The transparency of these thin layers of oil paint allows for light to illuminate the works revealing a depth of color and luminosity that makes the work appear to be three- dimensional. The overall effect is a mesmerizing and somewhat other-worldly realism. The simplicity of composition combined with great skill and attention to detail speaks of this artist’s appreciation of beauty, light and shadow, stillness and reflection. 


Anita was featured in the book ‘ Spirit - Conversations with Creative Women’ by Janine Wilkinson and Ann Orman published 2021.  

Her painting ‘The Crayfish’ featured on Seven Sharp TVNZ News story July 15 2022


Anita May Blanchett
Available Paintings

Apricots, Whole and Open with Leaves.JPG
Apricots, Whole and Open with Leaves Framed.JPG

Apricots Whole and Open with Leaves

Size: 505 mm wide by 380 mm high Framed

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price: $9550

Status: SOLD

Apricot with Leaves.JPG
Apricot with Leaves Framed.JPG

Apricot with Leaves

Size: 430 mm wide by 380 mm high Framed

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price: $7950

Status: Available

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