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Julie Kwen

Artist Statement:

My name is Julie kwen, born in South Korea.  I moved to New Zealand in 1999.

I have always been passionate about art when I was a child and enjoyed art as a hobby. My dream was always to become an artist and wanted to work in the art industry.

Therefore I wanted to go down a similar pathway and became a plumbing drawing designer using Auto CAD which was 25 years ago in Korea.


Ever since I came in to New Zealand, I've never lost my passion for art and kept wanting to draw and paint.  


Painting was something new to me ever since I came to New Zealand and it was very different from drawing. I kept on painting until I found my ability to paint. I love drawing realistic paintings as it develops different emotions in  every new painting I do.


Ever since, I wanted to sell my own paintings, I began working in a small office about 3 years ago from where started to sell my own paintings.


I want to be an artist, where people can admire my paintings and I want to be acknowledged and recognised for what I do. I want to be able provide people with joy and a sense of healing through my paintings I create.


I am beyond excited and thankful for giving me this opportunity to share my painting on this platform at ArtSelect Gallery.

Commissions of floral paintings can be arranged by getting in touch with Ngaire on info@artselect.gallery or by clicking on the button below.

Introducing Julie Kwen
Current Painting


Pink Peonies

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Size: 1000 mm wide by 750 mm high

Price: $3980

Status: Available

Introducing Julie Kwen
Sold Painting

Julie Kwen Peonies by Ngaire Stone.jpg

Until the peonies bloom

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Size: 1000 mm wide by 750 mm high

Status: SOLD