Ruth Phipps

My work draws on the nature of fabric that is evocative and intensely personal in its ability to suggest human presence or absence. It explores different aspects of fragility, memory, and the transience of time. Heightened shadow and strong shafts of light illuminate detail and imbue a quiet suggestion of human presence, the stillness of the moment and the lingering trace of a treasured memory.

Ruth Phipps 
Current Paintings

Heritage Restored.jpg

Hertigage Restored

Oil on Linen

Status: SOLD

Homage I Swans Oil on Linen 60vm x 60 cm $2880.jpg

Title: Homage I “Swans”

Size: 600 mm square

Medium: Oil on Linen

Status: SOLD

Homage II Nautilus Oil on Linene 46cm wide x 61 cm high $2500.jpg

Title: Homage II “Nautilus”

Size: 450 mm wide by 610 mm high

Medium: Oil on Linen

Price: $2500

Status: Available

Ruth Phipps

The Return - Ruth Phipps Oil on canvas 250mm high x 300mm wide $1,280.jpg

The Return

Size: 300 mm wide by 250 mm high

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Status: SOLD

Ruth Phipps Title TBA 70cm wide by 90 cm high $3850.jpeg

These Things I Know

Size: 700 mm wide by 900 mm high


Medium: Oil on Linen

Status: SOLD

Ruth Artist001.JPG

Ruth Phipps Artist

At Exhibition Opening