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This is more than an art gallery. It’s a friendly place where a community of new and old friends of the gallery can come to enjoy the pleasure of viewing and collecting a variety of works of art by our amazingly talented artists.


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Tuesday - Friday 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Contact Ngaire on +64 21 415 449

If the Gallery is closed and you would like to purchase any works of art then contact Ngaire on 021 415 449 for a special viewing.

Our web site is updated regularly so please return to see more updates as we make progress with our window to the creative world of our amazing artists.

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Current Exhibition
from 04 May 2021
Job Klijn

We are pleased to invite you and your guests to meet Job Klijn and celebrate the opening of his Solo Exhibition.

Date: Tuesday the 4th May 2021
Time: 6-8 pm
Venue: ArtSelect Gallery, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

Artist Bio
Job Klijn’s paintings are emotional and atmospheric, smouldering even, with an underlying sense of danger and darkness, while remarkably retaining a sense of light or shelter – a calm region for his figures and the viewer to inhabit.

Job often alludes to an underlying fear and insecurity ruling his work due to his lack of formal training in painting, but also recognises that this plays to the style and final look of his pieces.

Job states that he “starts his paintings by trying to create a ‘background’, a rough sky, a portrait of ‘weather’ that reflects a mood or sense of moodiness that eventually leads to a more specific idea in what direction to take it”.

“I use as much recycled material as I can and my process involves a lot of adding and subtracting of layers, texture, soil, thinning, scraping, burning, swiping etc, until there is a feeling of emotive ‘rightness’. The result often being a multitude of trial and errors”.

This penchant for brooding turbulence and turmoil as a subject, is in the end, tempered by a residual warmth and richness achieved by the process of the art making. Attentive labour and restoration, building complex layers and beauty.

Sometimes, depending on the works ‘idea’, Job will add a figure.
“I sketch endlessly from collected images that show poses I like to achieve, often mathematically re calculating the proportions of limbs and bodies to marry them together in one final sketch”.

Not all of the ‘moodscapes’ include a human form but most do. Job’s figures exude purposefulness, not seeming overwhelmed in their surrounds. They are clean cut, well dressed, stylish even, clearly comfortable and in control in their environs.

Materials from another past with a promising future!

See more of Job's amazing paintings on this page:

Contact me, Ngaire,  to secure your favourite painting.

We look forward to seeing you and your guests at the opening reception. 

Brent Redding Upcoming Exhibition Image

Previous Solo Exhibition
Brent Redding

This is Brent Redding's first solo exhibition at ArtSelect Gallery and we are excited to invite you to the opening celebration of this exhibition.

See more of Brent's works of art on this page:

Brent Redding is a self-taught painter, working in oils, acrylics and pastel, with considerable variation in style, believing that the subject itself dictates a lot about the direction a painting takes.  However, this fluidity of style also results from fairly constant exploration. 

He has always looked for pattern/design in his figurative work, and this has manifested as a series of recurring motifs (mannequins/apples/clocks/planes etc) appearing in designs circular/symmetrical/repeating.  To date the resulting work has variously shown influences of surrealism, futurism, pop art and other genres.  More recently this pattern fascination has invaded previously realistic landscape and seascape styles to create a disrupted reality.

Brent first exhibited in 1985 and has had solo exhibitions in various cities around New Zealand and Australia.  He has worked as a graphic artist and muralist, and teaches painting part-time. 

He has received a few awards including winner of the Norsewear Painting Award in 1994.  In 2004 his painting, “Red, White and Blues” raised $26,000 for Cranford Hospice at the annual charity auction, a record for that event at that time.

Juliet Best & Shona Lyon Image White.png

Previous Exhibition
Juliet Best & Shona Lyon

Subject to Covid-19 restrictions, this is a joint exhibition of exceptional art and sculpture not to be missed!

See the artist's pages for more information or contact Ngaire on for more details.

Visit Juliet Best's artist page to see more about her and her amazing works of art celebrating the New Zealand landscape.

Visit Shona Lyon's artist page to see more about her passion for sculpture that inspires her to produce work depicting a careful balance of mood, tension and grace.

Paul Vincent FB Cover.png

Previous Solo Exhibition
from 09 February 2021
Paul Vincent - Blah, Blah, Blah

We are very pleased to invite you and your guests to meet Paul Vincent and celebrate the opening night of his latest Solo Exhibition of quirky and humourous works of art. 

Opening on Tuesday the 9th February 2021 from 6-8 pm at ArtSelect Gallery 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

Paul's Artist Statement reflects his sense of humour and his art can be found in many prominent local and international collections.

Artist Statement
Paul Vincent has blah bah blah, many refer to him as blah,blah. He enjoys blah blah. Painting for me is blah blah blah. He studied blah blah blah at the blah blah blah centre. Since then blah blah blah blah he has work at blah blah blah...

View more of Paul Vincent's amazing works of art on the Artist's page on our web site:

Contact me, Ngaire, on any of my contact details below to secure your favourite painting if you see one that you like.

We look forward to seeing you and your guests at the opening reception or over the coming month.

Ngaire & J K Reed.jpg
J K Reed, By The Sea.JPG

Previous Solo Exhibition
J K Reed - "Art By The Sea"

J K Reed is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading landscape water-colourist, with works sold through-out Australasia and the United States of America.

We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition Art by the Sea by artist John Keith Reed D.F.A. 

Opening on Tuesday the 12th January 2021 from 6-8 pm at ArtSelect Gallery 19 Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

New Zealand Water-colour Artist JK Reed is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading landscape water-colourist, with works sold through-out Australasia and the United States of America.

In 1996 Keith Reed was sponsored by Fisher’s Fine Arts of Christchurch to undertake a painting and study trip to England, France and Venice. As a result his paintings now show a variety of influences from well-known tourist locations that include fishing villages, city scenes and cafe’s, Venice waterways and local New Zealand landscape.

Born in England and emigrating to Dunedin in 1954, Keith Reed attended school at Otago Boys’ High. When only sixteen he held his first exhibition in which three-quarters of the works displayed were sold.

He moved to Christchurch in the early 1960s to attend the University Of Canterbury School Of Fine Arts, attaining his Diploma of Fine Arts in 1968. During this time he held many exhibitions through-out the South Island.

In 1969 Keith Reed started teaching, and after a year’s leave of absence in 1974 to visit galleries overseas, returned to develop a successful career as an artist.

His calendar series, depicting street scenes around the world are held by such notable persons as President Bill Clinton, NZ. Prime Minister Helen Clark, Jenny Shipley and are displayed in numerous galleries in New Zealand and overseas.

The abstract works developed from Art School influence and a keen interest in figurative and Cubistic painting. The medium of oil paint was a contrast to watercolour during those early years.

Rachael at Work.jpg
P494 the clearing 950 x 1600_$8450.jpg
P495 late summer 900_$3950.jpg
p502 Aspen, Montana 1000 x 1000_$

Previous Solo Exhibition
Rachael Errington

Rachael Errington’s first painting, when she was just three years of age, was a brightly coloured crayon picture on the freshly painted white hallway.

Rachael grew up in the middle of an English wood where she, with her brother, spent most of their time building dens and treehouses.

This beginning has undoubtedly cemented Rachael’s enduring fascination with trees.

Although Rachael’s BA (Hons) is in Illustration, her studies included photography, textiles and printmaking; all of which have informed the way she paints now.

After various creative endeavours and travels, including a research trip to Asia to study the influence culture has on art; Rachael relocated to New Zealand and is now absorbed in the diversity that this landscape presents.

As time has progressed, Rachael’s tree paintings have taken on a life of their own. Intricate textures of bark created with modelling paste and other ‘secret’ compounds are tactile and 3-dimensional. The colours are the depth and warmth of autumn and the fresh lime green tones of spring. Fascinated by the ever-changing play of filtered light Rachael encourages the viewer to step into the woods, to smell it, to feel it and to be soothed.

Get in touch with ArtSelect Gallery if you’d like to find out about available pieces.

Patterson Parkin in his Studio.jpg

Previous Solo Exhibition
Patterson Parkin

Patterson reduces figures and musicality into arithmetical diagrams, breaking up and re-assembling them into abstracted and unexpected formations. At the same time, he maintains a figure recognisable amongst the new order, although viewed from a new aesthetic. All the while miraculously combines balance and movement with a glorious range of colour.Get in touch with ArtSelect Gallery if you’d like to find out about their available pieces.

IMG_5360 (1).jpg
Blue Duck Pair cropped.jpg
Kea Pair.jpg
Kingfisher lookout.jpg

Previous Solo Exhibition
Niels Meyer-Westfeld

Niels Meyer-Westfeld is one of our most successful artists, he flings the word nature around a lot. But that’s as it should be for a man obsessed with the natural world around him…natures designs offer an endless stream of inspiration and for that reason I will never get tired observing our beautiful birds of New Zealand.

All original artwork is also available as a limited edition of 25 as a fine art archival giclee print.


"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig van Beethoven